An eCommerce marketing platform to make your business grow.

SaySpot helps improve your store’s revenue while saving you time. Collect customer reviews automatically, build trust and excitement, and increase conversions.

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  • Automate review collection
    Send review requests after every order and improve your store with high-quality, user-generated content.
  • Easy setup
    Our simple and quick onboarding process mean you’ll be collecting product reviews in a matter of hours.
  • Performance focused
    Many review platforms aren’t optimized for speed. We’ve ensured SaySpot is the lightest option around.
Testimonial from Jenny H.
Jenny H.
Baxter just adores his new jacket, he won’t go out without it. For any dog owners, this is a must buy!

Built for store owners

“User generated content is the number one way to increase engagement and sales for your eCommerce store”


Of customers actively read reviews before ordering.


Items with reviews have on average a 18% higher conversion rate.


Displaying reviews can result in a 11% higher average order value.

Why SaySpot

Automate growth

We know you’re busy. SaySpot makes it easy to automatically collect user generated content, providing more value to visitors and increased visibility in SEO results.

Automatically collect social proof after every sale and build trust.

Most small eCommerce shops lack reviews which leads customers to behemoths such as Amazon. Reviews are a huge source of product information from real users which greatly increase trust and conversions.

  • Collect reviews
    Each sale gets queued in SaySpot and we send email requests and reminders after a specified time.
  • Display reviews
    Present these text and image reviews using widgets at crucial stages of the conversion process.
  • Google optimized
    Improve your store’s SEO rankings as ratings will appear within Google results using rich snippets.
SaySpot Reviews
Review examples

Make it easy to give feedback and use this content to drive sales.

Reviews from real people increase trust and confidence in your company and your store. SaySpot automatically collects rich data, improving your product pages and increasing your bottom line.

  • Includes photo and video reviews
    Customers are encouraged to include photos and video, which brings your products to life and increases veritability and trust.
  • Share reviews on social platforms
    Connect to Facebook and Twitter and automate the social sharing of your top reviews to potential customers.
  • Enhance your content and improve SEO
    With additional user generated content, your product pages stand out from the competition and gives ranking signals to Google.

Easy to setup

Collecting reviews doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it simple.

Step one

1. Connect your store

Connect your store, and import any existing product reviews into SaySpot.

Step two

2. Sync orders

We’ll syncronize with your orders and create a queue of review requests.

Step three

3. Collect reviews

Within days, SaySpot will start receiving reviews to be displayed on your site.

Pricing Plans

Start using SaySpot for free. The Professional and Enterprise plans increase the number of monthly review requests and include a number of extra features.

Ideal if you’re just getting started and have a small store.
$0 /month
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  • Automated review queue
  • Photo and video reviews
  • 1 user account
Send a lot more review requests and gain additional features.
$39 /month
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14-day money back guarantee
  • Automated review queue
  • Photo and video reviews
  • Remove branding
  • Social push
  • 3 user accounts
Need even more? Get in touch about a custom plan.
$99 /month
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14-day money back guarantee
  • Automated review queue
  • Photo and video reviews
  • Remove branding
  • Social push
  • 6 user accounts
  • API access

Frequently asked questions

Currently SaySpot works only with WooCommerce. So you’ll need a WordPress site running WooCommerce. We’re planning a Shopify version as part of the next stage of development.

SaySpot will work with any WooCommerce compatible theme. But of course, we recommend Shoptimizer.

Yes, you can. We will support importing reviews from numerous platforms including Stamped, Yotpo, and native WooCommerce reviews.

Before you hit the maximum number of monthly review requests we’ll send you a message to let you know. You can choose to either upgrade your plan or have the request emails resume the following month.

If you have more than one domain name or multiple WordPress installs, you’ll need a subscription for the number of installs or domains you have.

Tap into the incredible power of UGC

Gain real-data insights

User-generated reviews, images and videos are some of the powerful assets at your disposal. Get incredibly valuable insights into your products and leverage your customer’s own words to generate further sales.

Get reviews on your store quickly with no code

With SaySpot’s no-code tools, you’ll be effortlessly collecting valuable reviews which enrich’s your content with no impact on your store’s performance or loading speeds.

Looking at reviews
Testimonial from David P.
David P.
The best grill I’ve ever used, and I’ve cooked on many. I get complements every time I use it!

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SaySpot aims to help transform eCommerce stores marketing ability via automated user generated reviews.

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